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  • Where can I have a foam party?
    Grass or turf surfaces are best for foam parties.* Areas that are flat or slightly sloped and free of trip hazards such as landscaping rock, metal edging, steps or uneven thresholds are best. Remember, once the foam starts pouring, you will not be able to see the ground. We will help you choose a safe spot and can provide safety markers such as cones or traffic poles to keep everyone safe. We recommend at least a 15×15 space for each foam machine. *We can foam on concrete or blacktop. If you chose to offer foam on this surface, please remind the participants that the foam will not cushion a fall.
  • Will this damage my grass?
    The foam itself is not harmful to healthy grass or plants. Your grass may show some trample marks for a day or so from kids running around – similar to if they were playing in a sprinkler. Refrain from watering the foam area for 24 hours.
  • How do you clean up the foam?
    Your party attendant will give your yard a light spritz of water to encourage the foam to continue evaporating. The foam dissolves very quickly.
  • Do I need to provide water and electricity?
    Yes, we require the party host to provide us with access to both water/hose and a grounded electrical outlet. Both must be within a reasonable distance to the area the foam will be.
  • How do I prepare for a foam party?
    Just let your guests know they should bring a swimsuit/towel and water shoes. Some kids prefer to wear goggles, or you can purchase them from your party attendant. Consider mowing your lawn a few days in advance and collecting the clippings to eliminate excessive grass on kids’ feet. If you have a dog, you will definitely want to double check for any "visits" to the foam area right before your party. Refrain from applying fertilizer or other chemicals to your lawn at least 7 days before your foam party. Charge your camera- these are pictures you will not want to miss!
  • Is your foam safe for skin?
    Yes. Our foam is organic, nontoxic and irritant free. It’s not soap, but we compare it to taking a bubble bath without the water. We recommend a quick rinse in plain water after playing in the foam. Expect kids to get foam on their faces, and be reassured that this is ok! Some kids don’t like the sensation of the foam in their eyes, and swim goggles are an excellent option for this.
  • Will the foam damage clothing?
    No, a simple wash is all it needs. The foam will not damage or stain clothing or swim suits.
  • Will weather affect the foam?
    Yes, we can’t operate in the rain, or the foam will simply wash away. Warm days are best, as the foam is slightly chilly to the touch. Humid days will encourage the foam to pile high, but we are able to adjust the foam recipe to accommodate drier Colorado days.
  • What is your cancellation policy due to weather?
    Our summer schedule gets very full and we do our best to accommodate each request for rebooking. If rainy/severe weather is forecast during your event, a member of our team will contact you to reschedule or refund.
  • Where can I hold a bubble party?
    Bubble parties are appropriate for any safe outdoor surface. We do use soap as one of our ingredients in the giant bubble solution, so we prefer to set up on non- slick surfaces such as blacktop, grass, turf, pea gravel or wood chips. Access to electricity is helpful, but not required.
  • What are your two foam options?
    We have 2 great options to choose from, and we are happy to help you determine which machine best fits your event. Foam Cloud- This is our go- to party machine. This option is perfect for birthday parties, smaller kids and for groups under 25. This machine pours (instead of shoots) mounds of foam. XXL Foam Cannon- This is our jaw dropper main event cannon! If foam is going to be the center of your event, or you have a large group of aged 8+ kids, this the option for you. This machine puts out an incredible amount of foam in minutes. Expect a radius for foam approx 20ft from the machine. Ample space is required to properly utilize this option.
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